"eth1: Re-entering interrupt handler."

Jerry Sweet jsweet=linux-vortex-bug@irvine.com
Sat Jul 18 22:33:22 1998

I'm semi-stumped about what to do about this new problem on our
dual-CPU SMP-ified system:

        eth1: Re-entering interrupt handler.

The system appears to lock up at this point; the message is repeated
indefinitely until the system is hard-reset.

This is our hardware setup:

  motherboard:  ASUS P2B-DS (dual 400MHz Pentium-II, BX chipset).
  nic - eth0:   3COM 3C905B.
  nic - eth1:   3COM 3C905B.

This is the software setup:

  OS:           Red Hat 5.1 (kernel 2.0.34) with SMP=1 in the Makefile.
  nic driver:   CESDIS 3c59x version 0.99E.

Is there a known fix for this "re-entering interrupt handler" issue?
Is the "MTRR fix" mentioned in the SMP FAQ possibly relevant to this?