"eth1: Re-entering interrupt handler."

Jerry Sweet jsweet=linux-vortex-bug@irvine.com
Mon Jul 20 19:28:31 1998

After pounding on our dual-400MHz Pentium-II system for the last 48
hours without a crash, it looks as though this "Re-entering interrupt
handler" problem has been cured by applying to our 2.0.34 kernel the
"mtrr-fix" patch.  Prior to applying the mtrr-fix, the dual-CPU system
wasn't staying up longer than 24 hours without wedging itself with the
"Re-entering interrupt handler" problem.

The "mtrr-fix" compensates for broken SMP BIOSes which do not
synchronize MTRRs (memory type range registers) across all
CPUs. Mathias Froehlich has written a patch for 2.0.3x which has a
similar BIOS fix; it is available from this URL:


Since this patch has apparently worked for us, it appears that the
ASUS P2B-DS motherboard's BIOS has the cache synchronization problem.

I found the above URL two links away from the SMP FAQ at this URL: