[Beowulf] Not sure if people have seen it yet, but 2TB disks from Western Digital appear to be in the wild ...

Gerry Creager gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Tue Jan 27 08:02:22 PST 2009

Have had some first hand experience with 1.5TB drives.  I'll not go down 
that path again for some time.  Seagate didn't yet gifure out how to 
make them reliable.

Has anyone yet played with the WD 2TB drives or are they still in the 
Marketing/Vaporware stage?


Joe Landman wrote:
> ... of course this means that JackRabbits could hit 96TB in 5U 
> (mwahahaha!).  Delta-V's with 48TB in 4U (front mounted).
> The difficult thing would be time to read all of the data on these 
> devices.  It looks like we are building a bandwidth wall to hide behind 
> here ... at 100 MB/s read, 1GB in 10 seconds, 1 TB in 10,000 seconds, so 
> 20,000 seconds to read this device.  Thats about 1/4 of a day.
> Thanks to Andrew Latham for pointing this out to me last night.  The 
> link was 
> http://www.engadget.com/2009/01/26/western-digitals-2tb-caviar-green-hdd-on-sale-in-australia/ 
> and I put a short note up on my blog (http://scalability.org/?p=1187) on 
> this.
> Hopefully we will get to play with these very soon.

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