[Beowulf] Not sure if people have seen it yet, but 2TB disks from Western Digital appear to be in the wild ...

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Tue Jan 27 06:38:55 PST 2009

... of course this means that JackRabbits could hit 96TB in 5U 
(mwahahaha!).  Delta-V's with 48TB in 4U (front mounted).

The difficult thing would be time to read all of the data on these 
devices.  It looks like we are building a bandwidth wall to hide behind 
here ... at 100 MB/s read, 1GB in 10 seconds, 1 TB in 10,000 seconds, so 
20,000 seconds to read this device.  Thats about 1/4 of a day.

Thanks to Andrew Latham for pointing this out to me last night.  The 
link was 

and I put a short note up on my blog (http://scalability.org/?p=1187) on 

Hopefully we will get to play with these very soon.

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