sun grid engine?

Alan Scheinine scheinin at
Fri Mar 28 01:47:01 PST 2003

Someone wrote that SGE does not mention MAUI.  MAUI can use SGE
not vice versa.  I have not installed MAUI, I have begun to read
the documentation.  With MAUI a user can submit commands appropriate
to the queue system that has been installed, SGE or OpenPBS for
example, <OR> the user can use MAUI to construct commands that
are based on calculations about the user's account, backfill, and
other considerations not part of the base queue system.  In other
words, MAUI needs to know which queue system you are using but the
queue system does not need to know that it is being driven by MAUI.
The MAUI documentation says that the normal distribution of SGE
does not have all of the "hooks" needed by MAUI and that the user
should check-out a particular version of SGE from Sun's cvs.
My remarks are based on the documentation that I read.  I welcome
corrections from those people who have actually installed and
used MAUI-SGE.

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