sun grid engine?

Mikhail Kuzminsky kus at
Fri Mar 28 08:45:39 PST 2003

According to Mikhail Kuzminsky
> According to hanzl at
> > ... 
> > PBS is older than SGE (and yes, PBS did many good things, no doubt)
> > and everybody knew PBS when opensource SGE was born. And many people
> > could easily expect that SGE used the same model as PBS did. (It was
> > easy to think that SGE EE is the commercial version - no, it is not.)
>   Thanks ! I was sure that SGE model is the same as PBS :-)
> Now I'll like SGE much more :-) - SGE EE has additionaly nice
> features for heterogenous clusters/sets of clusters etc !
  My :-) above related to me myself (not to SGE) - SGE is nice product,
and in comparison w/NQS (we use, btw, Generic NQS on some old SGI serevrs)
SGE has additionally not only PE support, but also for example Globus features.
  But the "type" of MAUI integration w/SGE looks (from this discussion) not 

From: Ron Chen <ron_chen_123 at>
> ...
>1. read the document:
>2. you need a password to get the latest versions of
>Maui scheduler, which is in Alpha/Beta state. You can
>get it from help at
I understand, that I may use latest version of Maui if I'll compile
its source. According Alan Scheinine <scheinin at> message here,
MAUI simple may submit things to OpenPBS/SGE. 

 But what means then MAUI integration in Sun binary version of SGEEE ? 
Does it means that I have pre-compiled versions of both MAUI
and SGEE or only that binary SGEEE includes all the necessary
corrections, allowing it to work w/more old Maui version ?

Mikhail Kuzminsky
Zelinsky Inst. of Organic Chemistry


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