sun grid engine?

Alan Scheinine scheinin at
Fri Mar 28 01:33:09 PST 2003

I see "Vaclav" posted a message.  Last week we began the installation
of SGE and someone involved with the installation said that in order
to have the options of sgeee it is necessary to buy that version.
Using grep on the messages I had saved, I found the message from
Vaclav from the year 2001 showing how to convert sge to sgeee.
In 2001 Vaclav said that the information was at the end of the
download page, now it is in a readme file in the distribution.
In any case, the note from Vaclav in 2001 proved to be useful also
in 2003, the file is easily overlooked if the system administrator
does not know it can be done.  By the way, the file is
 <your SGE directory hierarchy root>/README.inst_sgeee

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