sun grid engine?

Alan Scheinine scheinin at
Thu Mar 27 09:05:48 PST 2003

Philippe Blaise wrote:
does anyone try to run a parallel MPI application under SGE ?

Yes, the printed manual lacks information but the subdirectory
 mpi  under the SGE directory has the necessary information.
The files are scripts that should be given
as-is for the start and stop procedure of a PE type of queue.
The file mpi.template or mpich.template can serve as a guide
when setting up the PE environment using the SGE GUI.

I am a bit vague about what needs to be done because I did not
do the work, I just looked over the shoulder, from time to time,
of the person experimenting with the setup of the parallel queue.
We have been using SGE for parallel jobs for just a short amount
of time, so far, it works well.

Alan Scheinine

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