sun grid engine?

Mikhail Kuzminsky kus at
Thu Mar 27 10:59:28 PST 2003

According to hanzl at
> It is easy to get confused by SGE versions.
> Enterprise Edition is also free. MAUI was integrated with it - most of
> this work was done by MAUI team with help from SGE team.
> Regarding SGE versions, I think it works as follows:
> 1) Developers create opensource SGE version. They work using publicly
> available CVS software repository. All new features come to this
> version.
> ... 
> 2) 'Commercial' part of SUN takes these sources (probably without any
> important changes) and compiles 'commercial' SGE and SGEEE. They add
> word 'ONE' to the name. They create nice manuals. You can buy this
> software and get usual support you expect for commercial software.
> You can still download the manuals for free. Just skip word 'ONE'
> while reading them - they are perfectly usable for free SGE as well.
> They just may be out of date because the free version already has new
> features (like MAUI integration). They may also never mention MAUI
> integration because the 'commercial' part of SUN has no support for
> it.
> ... 
> PBS is older than SGE (and yes, PBS did many good things, no doubt)
> and everybody knew PBS when opensource SGE was born. And many people
> could easily expect that SGE used the same model as PBS did. (It was
> easy to think that SGE EE is the commercial version - no, it is not.)
  Thanks ! I was sure that SGE model is the same as PBS :-)
Now I'll like SGE much more :-) - SGE EE has additionaly nice
features for heterogenous clusters/sets of clusters etc !

Mikhail Kuzminsky
Zelisnky Inst. of Organic Chemistry

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