sun grid engine?

Ron Chen ron_chen_123 at
Fri Mar 28 06:33:03 PST 2003

The queue concept IS different in GridEngine. A queue
in SGE is different than a queue in LSF.

The sale guys (the name of the company shall not be
mentioned here) tell people that it is impossible to
manage a huge number of hosts because each host has a
queue. So it is better to buy their expensive, close
source product.

In fact this is not true. The SGE admin can modify the
global configuration. The queue configuration is used
to override the global configuration settings.

In most cases, only the global configuration needs to
be modified. But even if you want to modify the
settings for a large number of hosts, there exists
tools to do the job quite easily.


--- Stefan Afeldt <stefan.afeldt at>
> Ron,
> i am more familiar with LSF and PBS, but as far as i
> know in GE you have for 
> each node at least one Queue, because its a
> host-based queueing system. So 
> how do you manage a cluster with 1300 hosts?
> Regards, 
> Stefan.

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