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Andrew Shewmaker shewa at
Wed Mar 26 10:47:08 PST 2003

On Tuesday 25 March 2003 04:39 pm, Brian LaMere wrote:
> this is not at all a request to be contacted by salepeople - please.  All
> such emails will be ignored.  I have a Sun rep already.
> To the point - does anyone actually use Sun's Grid Engine, and what sort of
> pro's and con's have they experienced?  Run well?  Enough functionality?
> Stable?  How's the api to it, as far as development of other tools?

I use SGE on Linux, Sun, and IRIX and it works well.  The documentation is
comprehensive and easy to understand.  You can have a simple installation
going quickly, and as long as you install it in sgeee mode you can gradually
start using the more complex features without reinstalling.  The share tree
scheduler is pretty good, so I haven't had the need to try plugging in the
Maui scheduler.  The mailing list support is excellent and the patches Sun
releases have been painless to install.  Stability is good and I haven't run
into performance bottlenecks (I don't use NFS, which is default).  I
usually use the command line tools, but the gui, qmon, is decent.

Things I haven't tried yet, but want to:
* ssh instead of rsh
* Condor checkpointing library integration
* license manager sensor (Fluent does this automatically with it's sge
integration, thankfully)
* Maui scheduler
* the MS windows execution daemon port

The only thing I can think of that I thought that SGE should have included
but didn't was file staging scripts, but those aren't difficult to write and
a user (Ron Chen, I believe) posted theirs.

As far as development...I've looked at the source code and at least the
section I looked at was in good shape.  I've been planning on adding a
job script environment variable substitution feature, but I haven't gotten
around to it.

If I think of anything else, I'll let you know.


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