sun grid engine?

hanzl at hanzl at
Wed Mar 26 09:36:13 PST 2003

> To the point - does anyone actually use Sun's Grid Engine, and what sort of
> pro's and con's have they experienced?  Run well?  Enough functionality?
> Stable?  How's the api to it, as far as development of other tools?

Our experience: We use it, it is stable, developers are extremely
helpfull and nice, it does more than we need.

If you need new functionality which is not there yet, you can design
it and implement it together with developers. Good ideas seem to be welcome.

And it is free (though I think you can buy esentially the same software as
well if you want).

It is opensource project (yes, really opensource, no nasty hooks
involved) and industry (Sun) pays developers. Software heaven :-)



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