sun grid engine?

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Thu Mar 27 00:53:18 PST 2003

Sorry but,
does anyone try to run a parallel MPI application under SGE ?

Philippe Blaise

Andrew Shewmaker wrote:

> On Tuesday 25 March 2003 04:39 pm, Brian LaMere wrote:
> > this is not at all a request to be contacted by salepeople - please.  All
> > such emails will be ignored.  I have a Sun rep already.
> >
> > To the point - does anyone actually use Sun's Grid Engine, and what sort of
> > pro's and con's have they experienced?  Run well?  Enough functionality?
> > Stable?  How's the api to it, as far as development of other tools?
> I use SGE on Linux, Sun, and IRIX and it works well.  The documentation is
> comprehensive and easy to understand.  You can have a simple installation
> going quickly, and as long as you install it in sgeee mode you can gradually
> start using the more complex features without reinstalling.  The share tree
> scheduler is pretty good, so I haven't had the need to try plugging in the
> Maui scheduler.  The mailing list support is excellent and the patches Sun
> releases have been painless to install.  Stability is good and I haven't run
> into performance bottlenecks (I don't use NFS, which is default).  I
> usually use the command line tools, but the gui, qmon, is decent.
> Things I haven't tried yet, but want to:
> * ssh instead of rsh
> * Condor checkpointing library integration
> * license manager sensor (Fluent does this automatically with it's sge
> integration, thankfully)
> * Maui scheduler
> * the MS windows execution daemon port
> The only thing I can think of that I thought that SGE should have included
> but didn't was file staging scripts, but those aren't difficult to write and
> a user (Ron Chen, I believe) posted theirs.
> As far as development...I've looked at the source code and at least the
> section I looked at was in good shape.  I've been planning on adding a
> job script environment variable substitution feature, but I haven't gotten
> around to it.
> If I think of anything else, I'll let you know.
> Andrew
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