Booting from ATA100 Raid

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Thu May 10 01:37:59 PDT 2001

hi stephen...

this exact same thread or 95% similar thread is going
on right now in the debian mailing list
regarding hw raid, abit kt7a, htp-370 ...

there is no point to using the expensive hpt-370
controller if its NOT being used as hardware raid...
( creates problems than its worth..

a promise ata100 is better/cheaper...
( less headaches )

have fun
alvin ... 500Gb 1U raid5 ...

if you got to LIL-
	- you got to the second(?) part of booting the loader
	but couldnt do the last part... 

	see /usr/doc/lilo*  for more info

On Thu, 10 May 2001, Stephen Johnston wrote:

> Hi
> Thanks to all of you who responded.
> Turns out the HighPoint 370 controller on the ABit KT7A-RAID board is badly
> supported under linux.  I upgraded the bios of the board, which also upgraded
> the HighPoint bios to version 1.03b.  Now when I install onto 2 disks which are
> h/w mirrored the machine actually tries to boot (gets further) giving a
> LIL-
> prompt and then hanging.  There is some documentatin on the net saying this
> controller is only supported in single drive mode (whatever that means, I
> presume it means no RAID config).
> It is still not creating a /etc/lilo.conf however, and if I create it manually
> using yast (I am running Suse 7.1) the behaviour is the same.
> My next step is to install with the Highpoint setting with no RAID, simply as 2
> ATA100 channels and do the mirroring of the system disks in s/w.
> I will let you know.
> Finally, fyi, the machine does have a 3ware in it as well, but we are
> purposefully not using raid on it as we only need 8ports and not raid as disks
> will be removed periodically, raid would break this.
> Regards,
> Stephen.
> PS  If someone could tell me what the 'LIL-' error means normally that would
> help, I will also try to look it up.
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