Booting from ATA100 Raid

Stephen Johnston sjohnsto at
Thu May 10 00:40:05 PDT 2001


Thanks to all of you who responded.

Turns out the HighPoint 370 controller on the ABit KT7A-RAID board is badly
supported under linux.  I upgraded the bios of the board, which also upgraded
the HighPoint bios to version 1.03b.  Now when I install onto 2 disks which are
h/w mirrored the machine actually tries to boot (gets further) giving a


prompt and then hanging.  There is some documentatin on the net saying this
controller is only supported in single drive mode (whatever that means, I
presume it means no RAID config).

It is still not creating a /etc/lilo.conf however, and if I create it manually
using yast (I am running Suse 7.1) the behaviour is the same.

My next step is to install with the Highpoint setting with no RAID, simply as 2
ATA100 channels and do the mirroring of the system disks in s/w.

I will let you know.

Finally, fyi, the machine does have a 3ware in it as well, but we are
purposefully not using raid on it as we only need 8ports and not raid as disks
will be removed periodically, raid would break this.



PS  If someone could tell me what the 'LIL-' error means normally that would
help, I will also try to look it up.

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