Booting from ATA100 Raid

Mark Hahn hahn at
Thu May 10 08:26:30 PDT 2001

> there is no point to using the expensive hpt-370
> controller if its NOT being used as hardware raid...
> ( creates problems than its worth..

as far as I know, it doesn't have HW raid in any meaningful sense
(that would be: does raid5 parity in hardware.)  it's just another
dual-channel udma controller that happens to have some bios support
for doing trivial raid (0,1).  there's no advantage over normal 
soft raid for these raid levels, since they don't eat CPU.

I don't believe there's any hpt 370 support problem with current Linux
(that means 2.4, of course; 2.2 hasn't seen IDE updates for some time now.)

regards, mark hahn.

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