Beowulf digest, Vol 1 #332 - 20 msgs

Rene Quarshie quarshie at
Fri Mar 23 08:25:05 PST 2001

hi;  installation frol scyld cd:
i iust installed a beowulf cluster and i; learning how torun mpi on the problem is , anytime i compile using "cc -lmpi cpi.3 -o cpi"
it works fine, but i tried using "f77 -lmpif -o pi3.f pi3"
i get this error:
pi3.f: In program `main':
         include 'mpif.h'
Unable to open INCLUDE file `mpif.h' at (^)

i know that mpif.h is in the include dir...i just dont know whats going

last question:
how do you run an exec file on a beowulf if scyld cd was used to build the
any help grtly appr


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