Bioinformatics/Beowulf applications

Borries Demeler demeler at
Fri Mar 23 07:03:09 PST 2001


I have been put in charge of developing our new bioinformatics core
facility. Having used Beowulf computers in my research for simple
Monte Carlo (hydrodynamic modeling of biological macromolecules), I am 
planning to expand onto other areas of Beowulf implementations. 

To get started, I am looking for links (perhaps a well organized
web site?) and contacts to groups that have implemented Beowulfs in
bioinformatic applications. In particular I am looking for Beowulf
enabled software/applications in:

* molecular modeling/statistical mechanics
* structure solutions for X-ray crystallography data
* structure solutions for NMR data
* structure prediction software
* sequence analysis/genomics 
* machine vision/pattern recognition/neural networks (self-organizing maps)
* proteomics

If you know of a website with relevant links or are working on
applications that may be potentially useful for other researchers,
I would be grateful for some feedback.

Thank you very much, -Borries

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