Scyld Beowulf problem - PLEASE HELP

Jag agrajag at
Fri Mar 23 10:56:43 PST 2001

On Wed, 22 Nov 2000, Yannetta, Robert wrote:

> I have a 3-PC beowulf cluster that will not work. During the "Quick Setup"
> install, two things are not made clear in the instructions on the CD:
> 1: During slave node disk partitioning, typing "beoboot-install -a hda"
> results in the error message "Failed to read partition table from hda on
> node 0."

That should be "beoboot-install -a /dev/hda"

> 2: The next instruction: "Update the file /etc/beowulf/fstab on the front
> end machine." How should this be added and with what information? The
> instructions do not say.

This is just a matter of making what partitions are mounted match with
what partitions you made.  The instructions can't say exactly as there's
more than one way to partition the drives on the slave node.

If you used beofdisk -d to get a default partition layout, then
commenting the $RAMDISK line in /etc/beowulf/fstab and uncommenting the
two lines that begin with /dev/hda *should* work.  But as I don't know
exactly how your harddrives are partitioned, I can't say if that's right
or not.

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