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On Fri, 23 Mar 2001, Jared Hodge wrote:

> Howdy (That's Texan for "hello"),
> 	I've got a question about setting BIOS settings on a cluster's nodes. 
> The way I've been going about making changes is moving the keyboard and
> monitor to all of the nodes.  I'm sure this isn't what everyone does.  I
> imagine there's a way to put the settings on a floppy or maybe even send
> them over  the network, but I don't have any experience with this.  Has
> anyone done this?  What's the typical way of doing this on one of the
> really large systems where moving a keyboard and monitor from node to
> node would be impractical?

You might want to look into getting a KVM.  They can be expensive, but
they're extremely usefull.  You plug a monitor, keyboard, and mouse into
the KVM, then hook the KVM up to the monitor, keyboard, and mouse ports
of whatever machines you're interested in.  Then with either a touch of
the button on the KVM, or hitting certain hotkeys on the keyboard
(depending on how fancy your KVM is), your keyboard/mouse/monitor will
be used for whatever system you want.  KVMs are also smart and make all
the machines its attached to always think there is a
monitor/keyboard/mouse attached, even if you're using a different system
on the KVM at the moment.

Hope this helps,

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