how to let salve machine share the front-end machine's load

Jag agrajag at
Tue Mar 20 20:00:39 PST 2001

On Wed, 21 Mar 2001, David wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I've instaled Scyld Beowulf front-end machine & salve machine.
> Now I have a question, How to make the salve machine share the 
> front-end machine's load? Need I install all the software(suche 
> lick MySQL, Apache)on the salve machine again or simple mount
> the /usr directory from the front-end machine, or do nothing 
> (It seemed this doesnot work), or use scyld's libary to write 
> some programe special?

What exactly are you trying to do?  It sounds like you're trying to do
server load balancing.  This isn't what a Beowulf cluster is designed to
do.  Beowulf clusters are designed to run self-contained compute jobs
that are coded in such a way that different parts of the job can be run
at the same time without comprimising up the results.

A load-balancing cluster is designed to take requests from remote users
and assign the new requests to whichever system in the cluster has the
lowest load.

While these tasks seem to be somewhat related, the way the systems have
to be setup are completely different.  And the a Scyld system just isn't
designed to be able to handle load balancing server tasks.

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