how to let salve machine share the front-end machine's load

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I do something similar.  I mount via NFS a directory on the slave machine.
That directory containes executables common to nodes of a particular
hardware type.  I also have my CVS repository on a slave machine.  I mount
those directories under /usr somewhere:

	/usr/cvsroot - NFS mount to the node with the CVS repository
	/usr_shared  - NFS mount to the node with executables and other
"usr" type files I can share among nodes.
	notice that the head node still has it's own /usr partition.
Mounting /usr with NFS can be done, but you can't mount /usr locally and via
NFS at the same time, of course.

Mounting the CVS repository with NFS works really well.  You might also try
downloading the clusterit toolkit - it allows you to spawn simple jobs
across network nodes.  Really handy when you have to grep files on several
nodes or check disk space or something like that.

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> Hello everyone,
> I've instaled Scyld Beowulf front-end machine & salve machine.
> Now I have a question, How to make the salve machine share the 
> front-end machine's load? Need I install all the software(suche 
> lick MySQL, Apache)on the salve machine again or simple mount
> the /usr directory from the front-end machine, or do nothing 
> (It seemed this doesnot work), or use scyld's libary to write 
> some programe special?
> Thanks.
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