how to let salve machine share the front-end machine's load

David davidge at
Tue Mar 20 18:34:54 PST 2001

Hello everyone,

I've instaled Scyld Beowulf front-end machine & salve machine.

Now I have a question, How to make the salve machine share the 
front-end machine's load? Need I install all the software(suche 
lick MySQL, Apache)on the salve machine again or simple mount
the /usr directory from the front-end machine, or do nothing 
(It seemed this doesnot work), or use scyld's libary to write 
some programe special?


Sincerely yours,
David Ge <davidge at>
Room 604, No. 168, Qinzhou Road, Shanghai.
Phone: (021)34140621-12 
2001-03-20 16:06:38

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