Will you add my benchmark for your cluster.top500.org database ?

Yoon Jae Ho yoon at bh.kyungpook.ac.kr
Thu Mar 15 01:07:37 PST 2001

I am very happy to see the topcluster site in the top500.org. 

At those time (Feb 2000), I sent my idea to you. but no response at that time.

As you know well, 
I suggested the so-called "New Suggestion for so called http://www.beowulf-top500.org to the mailing list in the beowulf 
group Feb 1st 2000. 

you can refer it,


and  www.topcluster.org (? which was linked to the www.beowulf.org ) was born. 

So I submited my 2 PC(486 & 586) Korea Beowulf  information which was made in 1998 to www.topcluster.org

and my "Korea Beowulf" information was linked in the  www.topcluster.org  until it moved to your http://clusters.top500.org   site.

but In your site, I can't find my Korea Beowulf information.

Now, My Suggestion is very simple, Will you add my "korea Beowulf" information (2 PC beowulf made in my home) 

which you omit it to link in your site ?

You may think it is very humble, but for me it was very big happiness to think about my first beowulf made in home.
Will you relay above message to the below the professors ?
Hans Meuer (Mannheim, Germany),
Erich Strohmaier (Berkeley, USA),
Jack Dongarra (Knoxville, USA), 
Horst Simon (Berkeley, USA) 

Thank you very much

Yoon Jae Ho
POSCO Research Institute
yoon at bh.kyungpook.ac.kr
jhyoon at mail.posri.re.kr
http://ie.korea.ac.kr/~supercom/  Korea Beowulf Supercomputer
Imagination is more important than knowledge.  A. Einstein

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