dual PIII 133MHz FSB motherboards

william l kleb w.l.kleb at larc.nasa.gov
Mon Mar 19 11:42:14 PST 2001

Bill Comisky wrote:
> Also, if anyone has rack mounted any of these, what rackmount case height
> did they fit in? 

fwiw, we have a prototype cluster running redhat 7.0+ with a master node in a
http://www.pcpowercooling.com/ mid-tower using a supermicro 370DL3 m/b and four
http://www.evserv.com/ 1U rackmount cases (available in the us through
http://www.initiative-tech.com/) housing tyan 2510NG m/b's.  the evserv cases
are much nicer than others we evaluated but do not go to the extreme of the
supermicro server case with hot swap, etc.

up to 8 1U's can be hung vertically in a custom computer cart build from
http://www.8020.net/ extruded aluminum "tinker toys" with a 19" x 14"
footprint including a shelf at the bottom for the switches (fastether,
kvm, and power).

so far (a couple months) we've been happy...

bil <http://abweb.larc.nasa.gov/~kleb/>

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