Will you add my benchmark for your cluster.top500.org database ?

Yoon Jae Ho yoon at bh.kyungpook.ac.kr
Mon Mar 19 17:01:21 PST 2001

Dear Anas Nashif.

Thank you for you kind response about your thinking about clusters.top500.org .

But, I think there are many things to consider for you to run the clusters.top500.org.

First of all, What do you think about the "Beowulf Philosophy" ?

and The idea what I suggested first (Feb 1st 2000) in the 
and many excellent ideas (including suggested by Professor Robert G. Brown ) added during discussion 
is only rejected by your future guidelines to be followed for the name of competition ?

What is the incentive for many people to make a beowulf  or enlist it in your clusters.top500.org or contribute to the
Linux kernel ?
You may be worry it will be end up in chaos if everybody enlist the 2 node (home-)clusters in your clusters.top500.org.

But we live in the Chaos society which has attraction & nature order but it looks like disorder.

I think the new idea & progress for mankind comes from the very small idea which we would like to skip or omit it.  
If you run cluster database, please don't make the restrictive guideline for enlisting your DB.

The great idea comes from very small idea or from the beowulf example, it may comes from 2 node beowulf.

So please don't judge the rule for enlisting your DB using University or Company name but the very small people & their

very small idea about beowulf & their endeavor.

Thank you very much.

I will wait your response or your clusters.top500.org  guideline.
P.S : Why www.beowulf.org people don't make the so called  www.top500-beowulf.org  DB 
         using very different benchmark and 
         enlist it in the www.beowulf.org  or www.beowulf-underground.org directly instead of  linking clusters.top500.org ?
         I could make it about 1 years ago. but I think it will be better to make it in the United States instead of Korea.
         and now clusters.top500.org is established. 
         but some future clusters.top500.org guideline prevent my (enlist-requested) KoreaBeowulf-24 node for Economic & 
         Business Application to enlist in clusters.top500.org ?
         Until now, I never think about so many restriction in the beowulf society, but now I see that inner computer society
         have many restrictive idea that has opposite view of Open Source or Open Society.
         Will you run your clusters.top500.org for more unrestrictively ?

        Thank you for my small & humble suggestion . 

Yoon Jae Ho
POSCO Research Institute
yoon at bh.kyungpook.ac.kr
jhyoon at mail.posri.re.kr
http://ie.korea.ac.kr/~supercom/  Korea Beowulf Supercomputer
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Subject: Re: Will you increase the number cluster sublist showing from 100 to 1000 ?

 On March 16, 2001 07:33 am, you wrote:
 > Now The cluster database can show only 100 clusters per search.

 No, it can show more. But there are nomore than 100 clusters in the DB right 

 > Will you increase the number to 1000 instead of 100 ?

 No, you can enter the desired number in the form.
 > Because in the world, there are so many beowulf clusters. and They will
> enlist their beowulf in this DB.

I hope so.

> I think in the Cluster Database, there must have at least 1000 results per
> query.
 Nobody will want to have 1000 results per query. Thats why we call it a 
 sub-list generator, wehre you can crete a list clusters of your interest.

> because the purpose for me to propose so called topcluster DB (It was Feb
> 1st, 2000 using the beowulf mailing list
> http://www.beowulf.org/pipermail/beowulf/2000-February/008221.html) is not
> for the competition like top500 list but their usefulness & flexibilities.

Well, we have defined another purpose. Several things might be just like you 
 expect but it makes no sense for us to enlist everybodys 2 node 
 (home-)clusters. To be in the list and to be ranked, several guidelines must 
 be followed otherwise this will end up in chaos.
 > Thank you
> http://ie.korea.ac.kr/~supercom/

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