Eth0 Errors that don't stop MPICH program

Ziriax John M Civ NHRC/DET john.ziriax at
Mon Mar 5 09:21:01 PST 2001

We cranked up a small Beowulf cluster consisting of 10 200 MHz PCs.
Each node has one SMB eznet-10/100 NICs connected to a 24 port SMC
10/100 switch.

Mandrake 7.1 is installed on the slaves and Red Hat 6.2 on the master.
The Master is exporting /home/export and /usr/local to the slaves.
MPICH 1.2.0 is installed on /usr/local.

The system was running a problem over the weekend which appears
to be functioning just fine. The code was conpiled with Lahey/Fujitsu 
Fortran 95 Linux Express version 5.5.

However, on at least 2 of the slave nodes (the others lack monitors)
there was a series of errror messages which repeated except for the 
number at the end of the line:

eth0: RTL8139 Interrupt Line Blocked Status  1

The series of numbers associated with the messages was 1,5,5,4,4,4,4,4,1,4.

Any clues what this might mean? The program is still running.



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