3c905B-TX on ASUS P2B board no working

Chen Chi Ming Hubert cmh_chen@mit.edu
Thu Jul 30 11:30:58 1998

Unfortunately, disabling the 'USB serial bus controller' in the BIOS does not
work.  Now, Win98 shows IRQ 9 being used by the 3c905B-TX card and an 'IRQ
Holder for PCI Steering' (If I disable PCI Steering in Win98, the ethernet card
will not work at all).  So, I think that there is no longer IRQ conflict with
the ethernet card.  Yet, all packets are still lost when pinging in Linux.

When I run the 'configuration and diagnostic programme' contained in the 3c905B
installation disk, it reports the following and terminates:
	!!! ERROR !!!		[/XCVR:(100BASE-TX | 100BASE-T4 | 100B
So, does anybody know what the real problem is?  Thanks for your replies.

-- Hubert Chen  EDT 11:33  30- 7-1998

> If you have Windows environment, you can install
> 3com 3c905B-TX driver which is available at http://www.3com.com
> then, you can configure 3c905B-TX to PnP off, IRQ=10, 
> 10Base-T or 100Base-TX, etc.
> Yoshi
> Cognex Corporation

> Sounds like the problem I had - the interrupt for the 3C905 was being shared
> (see the FAQ). My machine is dual-bootable with Windows 95 - I just played
> with the BIOS settings for the interrupts until the card got its own (the W-95
> system/device manager shows what's assigned too). Then it all worked fine.
> Kev.
> ASUS-TX97E + 2940UW + 3C905 + NCR-SCSI + USR Winmodem
>                               + Diamond 3d 3000 + SoundBlaster