3c509.c v1.16E missing!

Eric Hendrickson edh@deshaw.com
Mon Jul 27 23:28:26 1998

Joseph Malicki <jmalicki@geocities.com> writes:

> > Does anyone know where 3c509.c v1.16E is hiding?
> Are you sure you dont have a 3c905B? That's what Dells come with
> nowadays, and it uses the 3c59x driver....

Whoops, dyslexic mistake on my part, sorry, yes it is the 3c905B :)

However, I did replace the 3c59x.o module as well, still no dice.
Works fine with the new 3c59x.o under the 2.0.34 kernel, just not
under the 2.0.35.

Anybody have any ideas?  (Or am I going to have to back out to the
2.0.34 kernel again...)

Thanks, Eric