3c509.c v1.16E missing!

Joseph Malicki jmalicki@geocities.com
Mon Jul 27 22:07:02 1998

Eric Hendrickson wrote:

> Hello,
> I just discovered this mailing list and am now subscribed.  I have a
> Dell R400 running RedHat 5.1, with the 3c509b card.  Redhat 5.1 comes
> with 3c509.c v1.14.  I got the card to work after I obtained v1.16E
> *somewhere* on the net (I can't find it now!).  I upgraded to the
> 2.0.35 kernel last week and accidentally deleted my copy of v1.16E.
> The copy at http://cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov/linux/drivers/3c509.c is
> v1.16, which also does not work.  :(
> Does anyone know where 3c509.c v1.16E is hiding?
> Thanks a bunch!
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Are you sure you dont have a 3c905B? That's what Dells come with
nowadays, and it uses the 3c59x driver....
BTW: the 3c59x driver .99e (stock) in 2.1.110+ (maybe even
2.1.109? I didnt use that one..) crashes  the machine
on ifconfig when used with a 3c905B card (despite everyone saying its
not supported, the card has worked wonderfully
under all other kernel versions and old drivers)..... when it compiles
it says something about using the  "Old PCI interface"
... does anyone know how to fix this?

Joseph Malicki