3C905B timeouts

Jerry Sweet jsweet=linux-vortex-bug@irvine.com
Tue Jul 14 14:10:51 1998

I'm going to retract my problem report for now.

I still can't get a 3C905B to work--but neither can I get a LinkSys
DEC Tulip-based PCI 10Mb card to work in this 400MHz dual Pentium-II
system.  The Tulip's symptoms are essentially identical to those I was
seeing with the 3C905B:

  eth0: 21041 transmit timed out, status fc120010, CSR 12 000001c8,
  CSR13 ffffef05, CSR14 ffffff3f, resetting...

I've checked all the obvious things--the hub, the patch cable, the
link status, ifconfig, route, etc.

Also, if I recall correctly, vortex-diag was reporting that my 3C905Bs
are revision 4 cards.  That revision's probably already covered by
releases of 3c59x.c prior to 0.99E, since mentions of revision 6 cards
were turning up in the mailing list archives.

So, my conclusion is that there's some deeper problem, not the driver.

In general, this dual 400MHz Pentium-II setup doesn't seem quite ready
for prime time yet.  I couldn't find a working SCSI card for this
motherboard either.  Could be that SMP has problems, could be the
SuperMicro motherboard's AMIBIOS, could be PCI bridge chip problem
(there aren't any other PCI boards in there)...could be anything.

Thanks for the privately e-mailed suggestions of things to try,