3C905B timeouts

Jerry Sweet jsweet@flash.irvine.com
Mon Jul 13 23:30:45 1998

I've been having a devil of a time trying to make a couple of 3C905B
("Cyclone") cards work correctly in our new dual 400MHz Pentium-II

I'm running version 0.99E 3c59x driver, compiled as a module.

The error I'm seeing is this:

	eth0: transmit timed out, tx_status 00 status e000.

I can ping the local host and the broadcast address successfully, but
pings to other hosts on the LAN don't work.

The card doing the complaining is connected to a 10Mb network.  The
card appears to have ifconfig-ed normally, and is correctly reporting
its mac address and IP address and whatnot (none of that
ff:ff:... business that I read about on the driver web page).

I had two of the cards in there.  While thrashing around, here's what
I tried, more or less in chronological order:

- Left the cards on their own defaults.
- Power-cycled the system.
- Connected both cards to the 10Mb network and configured them
    with different IP addresses.
- Updated to driver version 0.99E.
- Left the eth0 card unconfigured and manually ifconfig-ed & routed 
    via the eth1 card
- Tried using driver options "debug=6" and "options=0,0".
    (The original driver version, 0.99 no-suffix, would hang
    if I specified options.)
- Ran the DOS configuration program and forced the card to use its 
    10Mb mode.
- Changed patch cables.
- Physically removed the second 3c905B card.

None of these actions helped.

Any other good suggestions?