Boomerang 4

Rob Riggs
Tue Jul 7 20:55:34 1998

The last patch had a buglet. This fixes the problem with
integer overflows. This is a slightly better way to avoid
overflowing the ring buffer indexes. (And, yes, gcc did tell
me the previous patch had a problem -- if only I'd looked.)
Its main drawback is that it is a tad bit slower. (It resets
the ring buffer counters more frequently, but we get to see
any problems *much* sooner.)

If you are interested, the patch is available at:

Get that patch only if you feel like taking the plunge
into the unknown or if you want to make sure I haven't
screwed up something else along the way. I am currently
running with this patch on my backup server and it seems

I have put my notes on this patch at the following URL:

Check it out if you are interested.

Many thanks to those who are helping me get this fix
straight. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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