[scyld-users] Installation Stalling

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Thu Apr 3 11:53:01 PST 2003

Hi, All,

I am a newbie to Scyld. I am installing a 4 nodes Scyld Beowulf cluster using the basic version I ordered from Linux central a few days ago. After overcoming a bunch of network cards related issues, I have reach to a point that I successfully install and configure the front-end machine and boot up one of the nodes. I can see the node on beosetup screen and moved it to the central column. 

However, the state of the node remains "down". When the end node boots, it booted to the point "connecting to" and then it got stalled. is the ip address of the front-end machine.

It seems to me that for some reason the nodes are not talking with the front-end machine. However I can ping the node ( from the front-end machine ( via eth1 card without any problem.

I am stacked. Any help will be appreciated.

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