[scyld-users] Help with NFS can't get a request slot

Clive Elsum Clive.Elsum at CSIRO.AU
Tue Apr 1 12:42:01 PST 2003

Hi All,

I looked through the archives without success.

We are running 27bz-8 version of scyld using on eth0 a Realtek card rtl8139D 15 
nodes plus the Master.

During large file transfers from our server we get nessages 

nfs: task 273867 can't get a request slot

at frequent intervals until finally access to the Master  is stopped.
I can log in locally and stop the transfer job, and bring eth0 up and all is ok.

Are there some settings I can tweak or does this mean the card may be a bit 
flaky? If so what is a recommended card to use?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Clive Elsum BAppSc, RHCE
Systems Engineer - Information Technology Group
CSIRO Atmospheric Research
PMB 1, Aspendale, Victoria, Australia  3195
Phone : (+61 3) 9239 4509
Fax:    (+61 3) 9239 4444
E-mail Clive.Elsum at csiro.au

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