[Beowulf] A quick ML investigation

Jonathan Engwall engwalljonathanthereal at gmail.com
Tue May 4 19:53:42 UTC 2021

Hello Beowulf,
After this brief OCaml video https://youtu.be/a3kVJKt9mq4 I created a
larger data set one with 5,000 of 10,000 numbers sequenced randomly. It
illuminates the workings of RED BLACK binary tree.

Simply copy&paste (ctrl k ctrl v) the large set to the command line. OCaml
immediately builds several BLACK root nodes searching for a "balance point."
I give a link to the RED BLACK implementation and larger data set. My
source receives credit as well.

Earlier experience with simple routines like fibonacci have me worried that
OCaml is slow, RED BLACK's all short branches look quite fast.

Jonathan Engwall
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