[Beowulf] Ethernet switch OSes

Benson Muite benson_muite at emailplus.org
Mon May 3 06:53:32 UTC 2021

On 4/23/21 7:07 AM, Greg Lindahl wrote:
> I'm buying a 100 gig ethernet switch for my lab, and it seems that the
> latest gear is intended to run a switch OS.  Being as cheap as I've
> always been, free software sounds good.
> It looks like Open Network Linux is kaput.
> It looks like SONiC is doing pretty well.
There is an OpenCompute HPC group. May wish to indicate your future 
networking requirements to help shape purchase possibilities:
> And there are several commercial offerings.
> Does anyone have experience with these OSes? Initially I'm going to
> just have a single 32-port switch here and there, but I may have to
> build much larger systems in the 6-12 month timeframe.
> Thanks in advance!
> -- greg
> p.s. I've left Silicon Valley and I'm working at the Event Horizon
> Telescope, those people with the image of the ring around the black
> hole. I'll be attending Supercomputing again! Surely there will be a
> Beowulf Bash!
> p.p.s. and if any vendor wants to *sell* me aforesaid switch, please
> send me a direct email. After 24 years of not having to get 3 quotes
> for smallish purchases, my purchasing department is driving me nuts.
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