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Tony Brian Albers tba at kb.dk
Wed Aug 25 06:16:16 UTC 2021

I have a Precision 5820 in my office. It's only got one CPU(14 physical 
cores), but it's more quiet than my HP SFF desktop PC. So yeah, I think 
they can make something like that.


On 25/08/2021 05.35, Lux, Jim (US 7140) via Beowulf wrote:
> Yeah, but it is quiet enough to put in your office and not drive your office mate out?
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> EMC offers dual socket 28 physical core processors. That's a lot of computer.
> On Tue, Aug 24, 2021, 1:33 PM Lux, Jim (US 7140) via Beowulf <beowulf at beowulf.org<mailto:beowulf at beowulf.org>> wrote:
> Yes, indeed.. I didn't call out Limulus, because it was mentioned earlier in the thread.
> And another reason why you might want your own.
> Every so often, the notice from JPL's HPC goes out to the users - "Halo/Gattaca/clustername will not be available because it is reserved for Mars {Year}"  While Mars landings at JPL are a *big deal*, not everyone is working on them (in fact, by that time, most of the Martians are now working on something else), and you want to get your work done.  I suspect other institutional clusters have similar "the 800 pound (363 kg) gorilla has requested" scenarios.
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