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Yeah, but it is quiet enough to put in your office and not drive your office mate out?

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EMC offers dual socket 28 physical core processors. That's a lot of computer.

On Tue, Aug 24, 2021, 1:33 PM Lux, Jim (US 7140) via Beowulf <beowulf at beowulf.org<mailto:beowulf at beowulf.org>> wrote:
Yes, indeed.. I didn't call out Limulus, because it was mentioned earlier in the thread.

And another reason why you might want your own.
Every so often, the notice from JPL's HPC goes out to the users - "Halo/Gattaca/clustername will not be available because it is reserved for Mars {Year}"  While Mars landings at JPL are a *big deal*, not everyone is working on them (in fact, by that time, most of the Martians are now working on something else), and you want to get your work done.  I suspect other institutional clusters have similar "the 800 pound (363 kg) gorilla has requested" scenarios.

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