[Beowulf] Semi-OT: Cocktails and HPC Storage

Ellis H. Wilson III ellis at ellisv3.com
Tue Nov 17 10:31:16 PST 2020

Sadly, I was too swamped to attend the bash last night :(.  I hope it 
was a blast, and that 2021 is normal so I can attend again then!

On a similarly last-minute note though, if anybody is likes learning 
about cocktail classification, history, and wants to watch a fellow 
wulfer whip some up in their basement, I'll be doing so and drawing some 
questionable parallels to HPC storage architecture this evening at 5:30 
EST.  Recipes for the three drinks prepared on the meeting to be shared 

Feel free to register here for the zoom link:


The event is: Proper Balance: The Shared Nuances of Craft Cocktails and 
Exceptional Storage

I'd say sorry for the plug, but honestly I'm such a terrible salesman 
(well, not a salesman at all) that it will be focused on cocktails 
(hence the semi-OT) and just a little bit about engineering HPC storage, 
so it's more generally educational than yet another awful SC sales pitch.

Hope to see some of you there!

Ellis H. Wilson III, Ph.D.

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