[Beowulf] ***UNCHECKED*** Re: OT, RAID controller replacement batteries?

David Mathog mathog at caltech.edu
Wed Nov 4 09:54:36 PST 2020

on Mon, 2 Nov 2020 12:31:39 Skylar Thompson wrote:

> We've had the same problems, one somewhat-effective trick has been to
> scavenge working batteries from systems we're sending to surplus so we have
> our own supply of batteries to swap in. The failure rate is marginally
> better than the batteries we've bought from Amazon/Newegg/eBay (as you
> note, not great).

Did you try the no name ones too or only the ancient "New" Dell batteries? 
Buying those Dells is a bit like purchasing OEM tires for a car with 60k 
miles on them - it is the right tire, but...

Given the amount of iffy stuff floating around on ebay my first thought 
was that the Dell ones were probably fakes, but assuming the images are 
of the actual battery, why create a "new" product with a decade old time 

This is yet another one of those situations where a manufacturer's custom 
batteries eventually cause grief.  From the form factor, voltage, and 
specs, these batteries appear to be very similar to a phone lithium ion
battery, but with a different connector.  Basically like this:


The NU209 has a 5 pin connector, and the card can identify the battery. 
There must be some electronics in there (besides +,-, and Thermistor 
pins, although there could be two or more ground pins.)


David Mathog

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