[Beowulf] USB flash drive bootable distro to check cluster health.

Chris Samuel chris at csamuel.org
Fri Jan 11 07:40:20 PST 2019

On 11/1/19 4:59 am, Richard Chang wrote:

> Anyone knows of any pre-existing distribution that will do the job ? Or 
> know how to do it with Centos or Ubuntu ?

I've used Advanced Clustering's "Breakin" bootable image for this in the 
past - it's open source and freely downloadable.


It looks like their code is up on their own git server too:


It looks like the downloads haven't been updated for several years, 
whilst the git repos are more recent.

I've also just noticed a tool called "stressant" but that's not been 
touched for a year:


No idea what that's like!

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