[Beowulf] 48/96 disk jbods?

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Thu Feb 4 14:30:25 PST 2010

Michael Di Domenico wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a decent 48 or 96 (if they exist) disk jbod on
> the market?  I don't need the everything that goes along with a raid
> system or anything that's network attached.  I just need to hang a lot
> of storage from a machine, sas/sata/fc doesn't matter

Self built or pre-built?  If the latter, you can use our delta V units 
as this: http://www.scalableinformatics.com/delta-v .  JBOD over iSCSI 
or similar.  We software RAID them by default, though there is no reason 
we couldn't have many iSCSI targets over 10GbE/IB/ethernet.

You don't see it there, but there is a DV5 ... 48 bay top load.  The 
unit you pointed to has the unfortunate problem of requiring you take 
two devices out to get at one failed drive.

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