[Beowulf] A simple cluster

Kozin, I (Igor) i.kozin at dl.ac.uk
Fri Jun 27 09:08:51 PDT 2008

> I recall discussion of the hybrid approach, which I think most of the
> doesn't much like, but interested me on account of my application. But
> hadn't realized that hybrid was required by OpenMP for multi node
> architectures. So yeah, I'll just go with MPI for starters. When I

It does not matter whether people like a hybrid approach or not. 
There is pretty much no alternative if you want to use accelerators in a
cluster environment (GPGPU, Cell, Clearspeed - they all use some sort of
threading; but no, they do not use OpenMP just yet). 
And it looks to me that a many-core is more akin to an accelerator than
to a processor in that a new programming approach is required.
I'm afraid we cannot get away in the long run by using only MPI.

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