[Beowulf] Web interfaces for yer cluster.

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Thu Oct 25 16:20:33 PDT 2007

John Leidel wrote:
> There are certainly ways we may be able to develop an extensible
> software architecture for which we can "define" new requirements for
> applications.  Some sort of XML template definition(s) may assist in the
> process. [not sure how Joe L and other are doing it]

This is actually precisely what we do.  We want to decouple definition 
of the application from the underlying queuing system (and operating 
system).  This enables a number of rather nice things.

You can see some of the stuff we have done here 
(http://scalability.org/?p=422) and here (http://scalability.org/?p=425).

It ran its first (hard coded) job from web to cluster tuesday morning, 
and should be less hardcoded in the next week-ish.  Would have liked to 
have shown it at SC, but this fell through (and a shameless plug for 
people needing a cluster/HPC demo there, feel free to ping me offline :) )


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