[Beowulf] Web interfaces for yer cluster.

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Thu Oct 25 15:53:56 PDT 2007

Jeffrey B. Layton wrote:


> PBS, Cluster Resources, and LSF all have some type of web portal
> where you can do some of these things. Of course they are commercial
> and sometimes not always the most flexible.
> Joe Landman at Scalable Informatics has mentioned a project he's
> working on called Dragonfly that may give you what you want.
> (Shameless plug for Joe - I'm lining my beers at SC07 already).

Geez.... I'm gonna owe alotta people ...

The repository is online, but we don't have a "working" (as in 
functioning the way we want it to) code drop.

ping me offline if you want the link.



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