[Beowulf] Parallel Development Tools

Jon Tegner tegner at nada.kth.se
Wed Oct 17 11:59:41 PDT 2007

Robert G. Brown wrote:
> Fedora installs in the future will be done by yum.  Yum enables
> something that is truly marvelous for people who have to install through
> thin pipes (e.g. DSL links): a two stage interruptable install.  It is
> possible to install a barebones system in the first pass in a relatively
> short period of time and have it come up on the second boot and run yum
> to complete the rest of the install.  Yum is robust, more or less,

Agree. This two stage install is the logical step. After the first step, 
the second could well be controlled by a "package-file" where the 
desired packages are listed, and all dependencies are taken care of by 
yum/apt. If a package name is later added or removed in that file, a 
cron-job could see to that it is removed from or added to the system. 
Would be easy to keep a lot of boxes in sync this way.


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