[Beowulf] WD green harddrive, greenwashing?

matt jones jamesjamiejones at aol.com
Fri Aug 3 16:02:16 PDT 2007

also - this uses intellipower, intellipark and intelliseek, which are 
basic things... i doubt these will be of any use in data centers where 
drives are under constant strain. in an archive systems these, with good 
power managment and resorce managment, are good things.

also - are the figures avg.s and dont take into account that data 
centers usage is greater than desktop?

Ricardo Reis wrote:

 >   Hi
 >   I thought in this days of heat and eco fashion a trend is set to get in
 > the green wagon. Anyone care to comment about his new WD hardrive?

 >   greets!,
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