[Beowulf] WD green harddrive, greenwashing?

matt jones jamesjamiejones at aol.com
Fri Aug 3 15:53:32 PDT 2007

hi -

at home our server we call green. it's not low power. but it is 100% 
recycled from someone who didn't want it... it's a P2 mobo with a P3 
XU02 SLOT.... it consumes about 28W while under normal net usage. it has 
2 HDD's a 20GB 'low' consumption laptop drive - adapted for the 3.5" 
bay, and an external 320GB disk in an enclosure. i rigged the power for 
that to slave from the PSU and that uses less power than while using 
it's own PSU. we also have a program/system that runs and optimizes the 
drives on time (uses scripting, active directory and IIS i think). so it 
turns off if no one is logged on or if it isn't used for some time. 
backup's are still a problem so will have to add that support soon.

i think the new drives are just a new step on the ladder for hard 
drives.  the power consumption is always going to fall as it's a demand 
of customers and the new technology available. i would say just another 
marketing con - like HD TV - to the end user like myself, probably no 
difference than the 'green' label... i'ld rather increase my carbon 
offset or buy a few solar panels than invest in one of these drives.

Ricardo Reis wrote:

 >   Hi
 >   I thought in this days of heat and eco fashion a trend is set to get in
 > the green wagon. Anyone care to comment about his new WD hardrive?

 >   greets!,
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