[Beowulf] /etc/security/limits.conf and Torque jobs

Daniel Widyono widyono at seas.upenn.edu
Thu May 25 13:51:27 PDT 2006

Just encountered this myself.  Restarting the entire cluster with new limits,
still get default 32k for ulimit -l when inside torque.  Outside of torque
everything sees the new limit set in limits.conf.

Just another data point.  I'm going to keep searching and eventually go to
the source.

Dan W.

On Wed, May 17, 2006 at 06:17:43PM -0400, Mark Hahn wrote:
> > So I submit a job, through Torque, and I simply execute a "ulimit -l" 
> > only to find that my limit is set to the original value, 32.  Using a 
> inherited from the process that started your process, probably.
> try restarting relevant scheduler daemons - it matters when they
> started up relative to your limits.conf changes.
> incidentally what leads you to think you should be using memory locking?
> it's generally a very bad idea, since, like running in RT scheduling 
> priorities, you're preventing the kernel's normal balancing...
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